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Solar energy and entrepreneurship courses in Dapaong

As part of a Bengo project, the URBIS FOUNDATION and its local partners Mivo Energie and Entrepreneurs du Monde have conducted a series of training courses in solar technology and entrepreneurship in Dapaong in northern Togo


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Successful marketing of solar kits on Zanzibar

Our project partner REZA has supported three women's groups in Zanzibar with the sale of a total of 240 solar kits


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Solar refrigerators for Tanzanian fish sellers

Tanzanian funding partner RUDIA equips women's collectives from Kasulu with solar refrigerators


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Funding partner Green Regions successfully completes project

Our Georgian partner Green Regions, which was supported with around 9.000 euros in the framework of the 2020 funding projects, has successfully completed its project to promote solar thermal energy.


Important contacts were made at the network event "Round Table". Source: DRS Timişoara

Completion of the DBU project "Increasing energy efficiency through solar energy and building isolation".

In order to use the huge energy potential in several selected Eastern European countries, the URBIS FOUNDATION together with its partner WECF has launched a project to promote solar energy in Georgia, Moldova and Romania. The project was supported by the German Federal Environmental Aid.


At Rudia's in Tanzania, the funding was, among other activities, used for Solar refrigerators for local fish producers and dealers. Copyright: Rudia

The next application round for funded projects is open for applications on Saturday, August 15

It was a turbulent year. But it was also a year of changes and perspectives for our funding projects in Eastern Africa and Eastern Europa – in the last months solar plants or solar refrigerators have been installed and solar water systems for agricultural activities have been constructed.