Maasai woman with her children Copyright: SOFIs WORLD

Start of the Funding Projects 2023

In 2023, the URBIS FOUNDATION will once again support exciting projects related to solar energy. From this year on, the special feature is that we will only support projects with a three-year duration. This way, we can support the solar installations more sustainably and in a longer term together with our partners.


The UFT-team presents itself to the guests

URBIS FOUNDATION Togo celebrates anniversary

At the beginning of December, the URBIS FOUNDATION Togo celebrated the 20th anniversary of URBIS FOUNDATION in Sokodé. For one week, the team invited people to special events in the field of health and organised hands-on activities for children and young people.


Badariya shows off her maths skills

Every Child has the Right to Education - every donation counts

Since this year URBIS FOUNDATION supports three schools for children with disabilities. We are currently supporting a total of 103 children and young people at the three schools by financing their school fees and buying them assistive equipment. Each school has a specific focus: IFRAM for visual impairments, ESMK for hearing impairments and ENVOL for mental disabilities:


Harvest season in Togo

It has been harvest season in Togo for a few weeks now and thus also on our training farm CPIA and in our project in the prefecture of Blitta. At CPIA, near Sokodé, maize was harvested, among other things. Our 18 trainee agroentrepreneurs work hand in hand with our farm team. Now the harvest of soy and rice is still to come.


From left to right: Daouda Adam, Chérif Kpandja,Fousseni Morou, Wahabou Moumouni, Cornelia Dix, Farouk Mama, Katharina Immel and Islam Memem

Welcoming our team from Togo in Germany

To celebrate our anniversary, we invited six of our Togolese colleagues from the URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO to Germany. We also used this time together to further our knowledge and to spend time together. It is much nicer to see each other in person than to only meet virtually.


We celebrate our 20th anniversary

In October 2022, the URBIS FOUNDATION is 20 years old. We celebrated this milestone with the founding family, colleagues and long-time supporters of the foundation at an anniversary conference. It was especially nice to have six of our Togolese colleagues from the URBIS FOUNDATION Togo with us.