News Uganda project trip

Meeting with solar engineers (SEAs)

In February, our project coordinator Nina visited our long-standing partner organisation ACSET. (Action for Child Social and Economic Transformation). After years of working together, we were finally able to get to know each other in person. We are currently implementing a major project in the solar sector with the support of Engagement Global (SESEUS - see here).

As part of this, a solar training programme was held last year. In addition to the three-month training programme, the solar technicians (known as SEAs) were able to complete internships with various solar providers. Nina, Bruno and Nathan (from ACSET) visited both the internship companies and a rural vocational school, where the training is now to be established as an integral part of the curriculum. There was also a meeting with the SEAs, where they reported on their experiences and the current challenges.

During the visits to the solar companies, the supervisors reported on the great commitment of the SEAs. They expressed their interest in further cooperation. The young people who are being trained through the SESEUS project are based in rural areas in northern Uganda, where many solar installations are currently lying idle. We hope that the availability of professional solar technicians will improve the electricity supply in this region, as only 45% of the population currently has access to electricity. To promote this development, local politicians are currently being supported in budget planning as part of the SESEUS project. The aim of SESEUS is to build a good network between politicians, the private sector and solar technicians.

As we also have some contacts with smaller organisations in Uganda, Nina also used her time on site to visit them and get to know them better. Meetings were held in Kampala, Lira and Kyenjojo. In western Uganda, for example, she visited women's collectives who use solar irrigation for farming.

Visits to our local partners bring us even closer to the action.

Nina's review of the trip: "I was able to learn a lot about the local conditions, especially by travelling around the country independently and making contact with the locals. The trip really moved me and gave me lots of thoughts and ideas that we are now discussing together."