News The URBIS FOUNDATION in the face of the corona virus pandemic


The regular activities of the UFT were abruptly interrupted by the threat posed by the worldwide spread of the corona virus.  After the first cases of infection were discovered in Togo, the Foundation immediately took the governmental declarations into account and suspended all activities in its two training centers. In addition, all planned awareness-raising activities were cancelled.

In order to support the health facilities in and around Sokodé, the UFT took additional measures. For example, the staff of the foundation have initiated a mask manufacturing program, through which they support both local sewing workshops and medical facilities, to which the masks are delivered free of charge. In addition, the URBIS FOUNDATION donated medical equipment to the health centres in the Sokodé region. A total of 1.500 masks, 500 tubes of disinfectant gel and 15.000 gloves were provided for doctors and medical staff.  To prevent infections, the members of the URBIS team were made aware of the necessary daily hygiene measures. Now everyone is spreading this knowledge in the circles of their family and their community.