News Successful travel to Romania

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As in previous years, Helmut Thoma and Lutz Unbekannt from the “ecological association in Leipzig” travelled to Temeswar, Romania, this September, to evaluate the state of their solar thermal installations and their mechanical workshop. Their journey was packed with tasks; amongst others, they repaired the solar plants of a women`s house, a nursing home and of a kindergarten in Bawoka. Thanks to these efforts,  the regular hot water supply was restored. Collectors that proved to be not functioning anymore will be recycled.

At the German-Romanian-Foundation, the center for qualification, they met with the director Nicolae Cernei and discussed the possibilities of installing  a photovoltaic power plant on the flat roof of his foundation building, to be used for the technical and commercial formation. The experts and the foundation have formed a very close working relationship over the course of many years.

Mr. Thoma and Mr. Unbekannt have been travelling to Romania for many years, supported by the URBIS FOUNDATION. They install and maintain solar power installations on social institutions of the Caritas.


Moreover, they foster young people by training them in how to assemble solar thermal collectors in their mechanical workshop. For this great commitment the two experts from Leipzig were awarded with the German award for local sustainability in 2018 in the category “international partnerships”. The award recognized their ideas as innovative and a sustainable answer to todays’ problems. We at URBIS congratulate our partners for this well-deserved award!