News Sensitisation day for solar energy at the campus in Lomé

On 26 January 2019, the scholarship students of URBIS FOUNDATION Togo (UFT), forming the solar energy club of the University of Lomé, organised a day of sensitisation for the topic of solar energy. This activity, which mainly targeted students in science faculties, took place in the great court of the Laboratory for Solar Energy (LES) of the University.

Nearly 70 students attended the thematic sensitisation day. In the beginning, presentations by UFT and the Solar Energy Club were held. Chérif B. Kpandja, representative of UFT, presented two issues: firstly, the negative impacts of fossil fuels on the environment and secondly, the socio-economic consequences of energy poverty in Togo.

To train and trigger the knowledge of participants in PV solar energy, a quiz was planned. Moreover, the aim of the quiz was to underline and explain the necessity why a transfer to renewable energies particularly solar PV is needed.

To offer the participants a chance to experience the operation of an isolated PV solar system, Mr. Baki Tchakpédéou, PhD student at the University of Lomé, demonstrated the workings first with the solartrainer, and later with actual panels.

Mr. Wali Matinou, President of the University’s Solar Energy Club, urged his fellow students to become involved in the renewable energy sector. He promoted his view that African people should attain the necessary skillset to reduce energy poverty in their societies by using renewable energy technologies.

Professor Napo Kossi, Director of the LES, congratulated the students on the well-done sensitisation day and wished for a swift repetition. He concluded: “UFT is a partner for LES and I wish to thank UFT for this initiative with the Club solaire students.”.