News East Africa Funding Projects in 2022

Meeting of the Maasai women from "Women of Faith" Copyright: SOFIs WORLD

In 2022, the URBIS FOUNDATION will once again fund exciting projects by our three long-term partners in East Africa.


The Renewable Energy Zanzibar Association from Zanzibar will use the funding from URBIS to support orphans in their school education by giving them access to solar energy through the installation of small solar systems, allowing them to study for school in the evenings. The project is a continuation of the successful project from last year.


With the support of URBIS, the SOFIs WORLD - Social Finance Foundation will install rainwater collection systems for the Maasai women's group "Women of Faith" in Kenya to ensure the, currently very poor, drinking water supply for the families. The systems will collect and store rainwater from the roofs of the 35 family huts.


The Tanzania Renewable Energy Association from Tanzania will create sustainable access to clean water for the girls of the Preiswerk Secondary School. With the support of URBIS, a photovoltaic solar pump will be installed in the school. This will improve general hygiene and save the girls the arduous and sometimes dangerous task of fetching water. Thus, they can fully concentrate on their education.


You can find more information about our long-term partners here.