News Completion of the "Green Citizen Energy" project

Copyright: WECF

Together with local partners, the organization Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) has realized its "Green Citizen Energy" project. With the financial support of the URBIS FOUNDATION, the members of three agricultural cooperatives from the districts of Luweero and Kiboga were trained in the production of renewable energies and the processing of local agricultural products.

The project pursued two main objectives:

- Use of biogas and briquettes for cooking instead of firewood

- Identification of feasible inclusive and economic solutions in the agricultural and energy sector

To this end, several training and further education courses were conducted for the members of the cooperatives and other interested parties. The theoretical approach was supplemented by a practical component. During the project, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the cooperative warehouse. In addition, workshops were held to build devices for generating biogas and to produce briquettes from biomass. To ensure the sustainability of the measures, WECF and its partners followed the approach "Local ownership - community power" whereby the cooperative production and productive use of renewable energy technologies fundamentally improved the value chain of the cooperatives.