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The founders

In 2002, the founders, Inge and Dr. Manfred Epp (+), founded the

URBIS FOUNDATION Stiftung für Umwelt- und internationale Solidarität,

to help save our world and resources for future generations. Especially the emerging climate change is seen as a threat to humankind. Fostering the use and spread of renewable energies is an opportunity to avert this threat. The children of the founders, Bärbel, Christian und Kathrin, support the objectives of the foundation and contribute actively to their implementation. It is the wish of the founders, that the foundation be characterised and steered by the members of the Family Epp. In addition, it is their explicit desire to include individuals into the organisation, who display great expertise and experience regarding the foundation's goals, to lay a broad and profesional groundwork for the foundation's work.

Dr. Manfred Epp worked as auditor/tax consultant and was economically active in a variety of sectors. In the frame of the foundation, Dr. Epp holded the position as Chairman of the Foundation Council. Mrs Inge Epp studied business administration and was active as managing director of different family businesses for many years. Mrs. Epp holds the position of Chairman of the Board.

The founders and their family

Further supporters of the foundation are:

Matthias Schmidt, Chairman of the Foundation Council
Matthias Schmidt is an independent auditor/tax consultant. Due to his professional experience he monitors and consults the foundation on economic matters, especially regarding the foreign activities of the foundation.

Bärbel Epp, Chairman of the Board
Bärbel Epp studied physics and is working internationally in the field of solar thermal technology via her consulting company Solrico. Her professional experience is an important contribution to the foundation's activities to promote solar energy.

Bärbel Faber, Treasurer
Mrs Faber has been working for more than 30 years for the companies of the Family Epp in the commercial department. Mrs Faber is responsible for the commercial administration of the foundation.

Dr. Christian Epp, Foundation Council
Dr. Christian Epp has been working as a consultant for applications to EU funds for many years. He is in charge of the family businesses.  His professional expertise is a valuable support to the administration of the foundation's assets and their profitable investment.

Kathrin Weiß, Foundation Council
Kathrin Weiß works for the government of Brandenburg in the department of international relations. Kathrin Weiß has been responsible for the maintenance of good relationships with eastern European countries. Subsequently, she and her husband Martin are responsible for the foundation's activities in eastern Europe.

Martin Weiß, Foundation Council
Martin Weiß is a political scientist and has been volunteering in the Foundation for many years. As the energy strategist of the Stiftung Klimaneutralität in Berlin, he will support the Council with his expertise.

Andreas Böning, Foundation Council
Andreas Böning is the Managing Director of Kinderrechte Afrika e. V. and has lived and worked in Africa for many years. As a financial expert for development aid, he mainly supports the Council in third-party funded projects.

Dr. Inez Kipfer-Didavi, Foundation Council
Dr. Inez Kipfer-Didavi is the Managing Director of Handicap International Germany and has been working in humanitarian aid for many years. She enriches the Council with her profound knowledge of Togo and West Africa and longstanding experience on the ground.

Alassani Mama, consultant of the board
As electric engineer Alassani Mama has been supporting the Urbis Foundation right from the start. With his widespread network in Togo he is supporting the work of the foundation for many years. He has coordinated numerous installations of innovative solar systems in Togo.



Council members: Martin Weiß, Kathrin Weiß, Matthias Schmidt, Dr. Inez Kipfer-Didavi, Andreas Böning, Dr. Christian Epp
Alassani Mama at the opening ceremony of a solar air conditioning system at the children’s right center Creuset in Sokodé, Togo, 2016


At least two times per year, strategic meetings are held including all bodies of our foundation.