Our team at the URBIS FOUNDATION

The foundation’s headquarters are in Munich, Germany. Moreover, we maintain two URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO offices in our partner country Togo, which support and organise the implementation of our local projects.

Team Munich

Cornelia Dix


Cornelia Dix studied Development Studies with a special focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. As project manager at the URBIS Foundation, she is in charge of coordinating our projects in Togo. In addition, she is responsible for the Foundation's public relations work and for the small grant projects supported by URBIS in East and West Africa.

Bärbel Faber


Bärbel Faber is a long-term employee and treasurer of our foundation. She is responsible for the commercial department. In addition, she coordinates the acquisition and accounting of third-party funded projects.

Katharina Immel


Katharina Immel studied Development and International Relations with a focus on NGO work in East Africa. She is the project manager for the third-party funded projects of GIZ, Engagement Global and the Bavarian State Chancellery in Uganda and Senegal.

Team Togo

Team Togo

Our motivated team during a project meeting with coordinator Miriam Reindl, in front of the “Formathèque” in Sokodé, Togo. The Formathèque is the headquarter of URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO with offices, a schoolbook library and a computer centre.

Ouronile Adam

Our team in Togo is led by M. Ouronile Adam, the director general of URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO. He holds a degree in sociology and has long-term working experience in microcredit management and project coordination. M. Adam has been the director general of URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO since 2015.

Management Team

Chérif Kpandja

Our representative in Lomé is Chérif Kpandja. He is responsible for expanding our local network and the implementation of solar energy projects in and around the capital.

Bâ-Traoré Kadjassi

Dr. Ba-Traoé Kadjassi studied veterinary medicine and is responsible for our health sector. Moreover, he takes care of our life stock on our sustainable farm.

Fousseni Morou

Since its founding Fousseni Morou is with URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO. He has a mangement background and is responsible for our solar activities in Sokodé.

Awesso Eyadom

Awesso is trained as agriculture expert. He is responspible for our agricultural training programm.

Farouko Mama

Farouko Mama is in charge of our social programme in Sokodé. He supervises the microcredit, kindergarten and scholarship programme.

Mazamasso Soh

Mazamasso Soh is our farm manager. Mazamasso previously worked on several training projects in sustainable agriculture and took over the management of the farm in 2020.

Wahabou Moumouni

Wahabou Moumouni is our accountant and he is responsible for the financial administration of our project activities.

Islam Memem

Islam Memem is the director of our vocatinal school in Sokodé and responsible for education and management.