News Well construction in The Gambia

Borehole Drilling Copyright: AGEDA

Within the URBIS Foundation’s funding programme, the African German Energy Development Association e.V. (AGEDA) was able to build a well in The Gambia. In cooperation with its local partner MADRA Development Foundation, a 35-metre-deep borehole was drilled in the Kerr Pateh Koreh village community and a solar-powered water lifting system was installed. For this, AGEDA sent its consulting engineer Mr Neumann to Kerr Pateh Koreh, who carried out the installations together with the local technicians. The well supports the local women's groups and is intended to contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural methods as well as food security. The well supports the women's groups in the fight against hunger, as they can now cultivate their fields more efficiently and reliably.

Due to supply shortages, only two of the planned four solar panels to power the water pump could be installed so far, which means that the pump cannot yet reach its full potential. The installation of the second pair of solar panels is planned for the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, a great many people are already benefiting from the clean water and are preparing for the next farming season.