News Tailoring training successfully completed in Togo

As part of Urbis' social sector, we were able to enable six young women from disadvantaged families who have no access to school education to train as dressmakers. The training ended in September 2023 with the final examination.

The project aims to promote the self-reliance and economic independence of young women and reduce social inequalities based on gender and social background. The training is aimed at girls aged 16 and over who have had to drop out of school due to a lack of support.

The tailoring training programme lasts three years. The Urbis Foundation covers the costs of registration and examination fees, the signing of contracts and the students' work materials. Each student receives a sewing machine.

The girls receive a monthly lump sum for travelling expenses and breakfast associated with the training. Urbis also undertakes to look after the tailors after they graduate and to support them on their path to independence.

In the course of the project, which was completed in September, we realised that there is a great need for this project in the prefecture of Tchaoudjo. A large part of the local population is dependent on support from the government. In general, we observed that many girls there drop out of school (often due to their parents' lack of resources) and therefore have little chance of learning a trade.