News Successful completion of our current training year

Essossinam Tamale

Today, the current training cohort of 18 young farmers finished their one-year training as agroentrepreneurs (AEs) on our farm CPIA (Centre de Promotion des Initiatives Agricoles). Now they receive start-up capital to be able to farm on their own piece of land and become self-employed. At the end of the training, we asked the fresh AEs what the training means to them. Essossinam Tamale, for example, tells us that the training in livestock husbandry was particularly important to him, as it will now enable him to provide for his family. Ivete Adjewo also plans to raise livestock. In addition, she wants to grow vegetables and, through good farming methods, not only provide for herself, but also sell the produce and thus move away from subsistence farming. The income will enable her to save or invest money.

We look forward to welcoming the next cohort of apprentices to CPIA in April and training a new round of young people in agricultural topics.