News Start of the Bengo project to promote solar energy in northern Togo


In cooperation with our project partner Mivo Energie, the project in Dapaong, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), conducts courses in the field of solar energy and entrepreneurship and plans to establish a local support centre for young entrepreneurs. This is intended to strengthen the use of photovoltaic systems in the region. In the process, 90 students will be trained in in-depth solar courses in the areas of installation and maintenance as well as in the field of net-metering technology - feeding excess electricity into the local power grid in exchange for lower electricity bills. In addition, the project offers 225 students and entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from further training in the field of entrepreneurship. Subsequently, some of the participants will have the opportunity to benefit from start-up financing and individual coaching for business start-ups within the framework of a revolving fund, which is provided by the local support centre.