News Solar pump for the project "Drinking water supply in Nzindong

Delivery of the solar panel in Nzindong Copyright: Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.

In the village of Nzindong in western Cameroon, Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. is building a well to improve the local drinking water supply. The URBIS Foundation supports the project by funding the solar system to supply the electric well pump. To counteract the prevailing lack of drinking water and to improve its access, the extracted water is piped to three public water points in the village. Clean drinking water will then be available at the church forecourt, the primary school and the hospital.

The local team has started with the construction of the solar system and the next step will be to drill the well. It is expected that the construction work will be completed this month. In addition, there will be training on maintenance and repair of the equipment for the responsible technicians to ensure the long-term benefits of the project.