News Solar power for Kwanjarko in Ghana

Installation of the solar panels Copyright: Aktiv für Afrika e.V.

First water from the solar-powered borehole pump Copyright: Aktiv für Afrika e.V.

Within the framework of the URBIS funding programme, Aktiv für Afrika e.V. installed a solar power system in the village of Kwanjarko in eastern Ghana. This now powers a solar pump, which sustainably improves the health and living situation of the 1,500 inhabitants through year-round, safe supply of clean drinking water and also creates local opportunities.

In Kwanjarko, as in all surrounding villages, it is traditionally the task of women and girls to fetch water for the home and family. As a result of the project's drastic shortening of their routes to high-quality, sufficient water, the women have gained more time for family, education and earning a living, in addition to easing their workload. Small shops and businesses can now also be supplied with solar power, as far as there is sufficient energy.

The URBIS grant was part of a larger project to install a solar-powered borehole pump in the village.