News SOFI’s WORLD House: a space for renewable energies

A year ago, the work started on building a very special house in Wundanyi, in the Taita Hills in South Kenya: The SOFI’s WORLD demonstration and community house. Within the house, the practical application and benefits of using renewable energy technologies, such as solar thermal plants, will be demonstrated. Moreover, the house will serve as a place for exchange and community building, including the local population as well as international visitors or volunteers, who wish to be part of the project.

The concept of the house is already visible during the construction phase: creative, innovative and inclusive in its design, it invites visitors to get to know renewable energies. By the end of 2018 the house is supposed to be finished, and furnish not only a PV plant, but also a solar thermal plant and a water tank. We at URBIS have been funding these three applications.

SOFI’s WORLD is a close partner of URBIS and we are looking forward to seeing the completed house!