News Increasing energy efficiency through solar energy and insulation

The German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)) is funding a project by URBIS and our partner WECF to foster energy efficiency measures in Georgia, Moldova and Romania.

The use of fossil fuels as well as the insulation of buildings in Georgia, Moldova and Romania do not only have a negative effect on the environment and climate, but also on health and income of the local population. Through technical and economic trainings for local craftsmen and energy managers on the topics of solar energy an insulation, WECF, URBIS and their local partners try to tackle these ecologic and socio-economic challenges. The common goal is to support the development of a market for local, affordable and socially equitable renewable energy solutions.

In the frame of an international network meeting, existing successful concepts will be shared and refined. Moreover, based on a profound exchange between the local and international energy experts, new and innovative concepts will be developed in a sustainable manner. Following an extensive evaluation of local needs, specific national trainings will take place in each of the participating countries, targeting the identified demands. During these multi-day trainings, the participating local energy experts will be trained as multipliers. The results of these measures will be made public and spread among experts and the local population, aiming to encourage the necessary political dialogue.

Start of the project: 01.01.2019
Duration: 18 Months



10.03. – 15.03.2019

Network meeting in Moldova
...for partners from Georgie, Moldova and Romania as well as solar experts from west Europe, to encourage an exchange about technologies (Solar Water Heaters and insulation), socially equitable management, finance and marketing.


Country specific needs evaluation and trainings
...for local partners on the topics of Solar Water Heaters and insulation with national and international trainers


Public relations, dissemination, Lobbying

  • Informative events and seminars
  • Qualification as energy ambassadors
  • Lobbying, Round Tables, Meetings with decision makers
  • Participation at energy conferences and events


WECF: Katharina Habersbrunner