News Collective farming successfully launched in Blitta, Togo

Yams hills with sesame plants Copyright: SAF

In our project with Sight Africa Family (SAF) in Togo to establish six production communities, much has already been achieved in the first months of the project. Following the successful project kick-off in August 2021, the first three communities were established as planned in the villages of Kamboussa, Kaza-Copé and Niki-Niki 2. The communities each developed 30 hectares of land and prepared it for cultivation. After purchasing the seeds, the cultivation began. At the same time, a storehouse was built for each village to safely store the produce until it can be sold. This enables the smallholders to earn higher prices for their produce and to bridge the difficult periods between harvests. In March, there was the first harvest of yams and sesame.

In February, the other three communities were established in Niki-Niki 1, Toulé and Touléwai, which are currently developing their total of 90 hectares of land for cultivation.

In addition, a meeting room is currently being built for all six groups so that they can work together better and exchange information, as well as be trained by experts in new agricultural techniques. The first training is currently being planned.

The project is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF).