News Capacity building for environmental actors in Sokodé

Participants in Sokodé

Committed local environmental actors from civil society, ministry representatives, youth associations and women's organizations discussed sustainable and endogenous solutions to the challenges of climate change.The meeting in Sokodé not only served as a reflection meeting, but also enabled the participants to develop their practical knowledge of techniques to promote the reforestation of Togolese communities. This seminar was organized by URBIS FOUNDATION TOGO as part of the "BARAZA" programme of the Hanns Seidl Foundation Kenya.

The "BARAZA" meetings focus on finding innovative solutions to the problems of climate change by bringing together different initiatives of the stakeholders in the international African region. The aim is to exchange information on endogenous strategies for responding to climate change and the search for innovative solutions to the various environmental problems in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Togolese "BARAZA" has identified deforestation as the greatest challenge in connection with climate change. In order to actively counteract this, the participants developed approaches such as raising awareness among the population and building local capacity on climate change issues.The regional network for sustainable development was established by the Hanns Seidel Foundation. It comprises nine sub-Saharan African countries, including Togo. The word "BARAZA" is taken from the Swahili language and means encounter or community exchange. The seminar ended with the planting of 30 young plants of different species in the area of the town hall and the court building in Sokodé. The seminar was technically and financially supported by Hanns Seidel Kenya Foundation.