News 2019: This year's funded projects have been chosen

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As URBIS FOUNDATION we are going to support a number of renewable energy projects in 2019. We were very happy to receive such a high amount of innovative and exciting project ideas, although that made the final decision more difficult for us. All in all, we are going to support eight different projects, seven in West and East Africa and one project in Eastern Europe. We are looking forward to a good cooperation and the implementation of the great project ideas!

In East Africa


In the frame of its RELIEF project in Uganda, ACSET is going to install solar PV systems at two schools and two hospitals and supply two villages with solar lamps. Moreover, they not only wish to start saving-groups for women, but to also offer them financial trainings so that these women can run their own small businesses. Residents will be trained in maintenance and repair work of the PV plants and a new course on solar technology will be integrated in the vocational school.

Busyangwa Rural Support Centre

In the off-grid region of Rwenzori in Uganda the demand for solar energy increases around 15% per year. Despite the growing demand, there is still a regional lack of qualified technicians, who can repair and maintain solar systems and lamps. Hence, the project wishes to establish a Solar Support Center, in which up to 40 trainees will be trained as solar technicians each year.

Foundation for poverty alleviation (FPA)

The Ukerewe District in Tanzania is characterized by fishery as main source of income. As fishermen usually lack the means to cool the fish, it is smoked, and thus transported to the next point of sale. To improve this situation, FPA plans on purchasing solar fridges which will enable the fishermen and the mostly female vendors to cool the fish and to transport it to big cities. Through the foundation of cooperatives, FPA plans on saving profits which will be used as resources for future maintenance work.

Mategemeo Women Association

The goal of this project in Tanzania is to establish Revolving Funds for women to start their own small solar businesses. Prior to that, 85 women will be trained in financial and management skills for small-scale business, whereupon they are provided with microcredits. The sale of small solar products like solar lamps or solar kits has so far been quite promising in Tanzania. Hence, the project not only strengthens the skills of the participating women, but also supports environmental protection and the spread of renewable energy technologies.


In the region of Luweero and Kiboga in Uganda two biogas plants and solar dryers for coffee beans are going to be built and a cooperative for women will be founded. In the frame of the flagship project, the benefits of renewable energies will be presented, for instance through sensitization workshops.


In West Africa

Dr. Luppa Projekthilfe e.V.

The organization Dr. Luppa Projekthilfe supports an educational campus in Bassar, Togo, including a school, a kindergarten, a canteen and a vegetable garden. The project focuses on the installation of a solar water pump on the new school grounds. The water will be transferred to the garden, to the toilets and to the canteen.


A group of people with physical disabilities operates a palm oil plantation in Cameroon. Women with physical disabilities use the oil to produce soap. To better support the soap production, photovoltaic plants will be installed, so that the women have light in the evening and can charge their laptops and phones. This shall contribute to the increase of not only the general income, but also the productivity.


In Eastern Europe:


The goal of this project in Georgia is the distribution of briquettes manufactured from agricultural waste, which serve as a substitute for firewood. Moreover, sensitization and marketing measures will be conducted, to create awareness for the benefits of using agricultural waste.


The funding period for 2019 is closed now. Any initiatives, who wish to reveice financial support for projects in 2020, can find all relevant information here.