Urbis Foundation

As a charitable foundation, we are dedicated to promoting the use of renewable energies and protecting our climate and environment. For more than 20 years now, we have been sensitising for a more sustainable use of our resources and offering people a perspective for a brighter future.

Regionally, we focus our activities on Sub-Saharan Africa. A special emphasis lies on our partner country Togo, where we have been implementing projects since 2002. Additionally, we offer funding support to initiatives in Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda, which advocate the use and implementation of renewable energies. Here you can download our anniversary brochure from 2022, which presents highlights of our multifaceted work over the last 20 years (in German).


Our achievements


Students educated
in our
vocational school


Solar plants installed


Farm students educated


Solar-Interns supported


Medical wards
supplied annualy with
medical equipment


Nursery schools supplied with toys


Seamstreses trained


Pupils supported

Icon Partner country Togo
Partner country Togo

We are active in a variety of sectors in our partner country Togo.

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Icon Project funding
Project funding

As a foundation we allocate grants to support sustainable projects.

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Icon Info Soleil
Info Soleil

We regularly publish our Togolese newsletter “Info Soleil”. Subscribe here to receive our Info Soleil.

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Solar Curriculum
Solar Curriculum

In Togo, we developed a state-certified Solar Curriculum.

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Sucess Stories The Farm of Akizilelou Arom

Every year, our training farm CPIA (Centre de Promotion des Initiatives Agricoles) trains agroentrepreneurs (AEs), such as Akizilelou Arom. The 24-year-old was trained as an AE in 2020-2021 and was able to start his own farm in the Est-Mono prefecture in eastern Togo with the start-up capital from URBIS FOUNDATION. On his 9 ha farm, he grows maize, soybeans, cassava, yam, sorghum and nibeb, and also breeds goats, sheep and poultry. With the start-up capital, he was even able to build a house in his village.


Sucess Stories From URBIS solar training to permanent employment

In March 2021, Tchala Ekéma took part in an intensive one-week solar training course on the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar systems organised by URBIS FOUNDATION Togo (UFT) in Lomé. Following the training, she was funded by UFT for a three-month internship at KYA-Energy Group, where she got a permanent job after graduating with a degree in civil and electrical engineering.

The café of Madame Aridja Tchakonde

Sucess Stories The solar boutiques of Mohamadou Yacoubou

In 2013, Mohamadou Yacoubou completed the solar energy course at the Lycee Technique in Sokodé, which is financed by URBIS.

The children with their new birth certificates

Sucess Stories Project "Birth certificate for all"

In Togo, many children do not yet have a birth certificate - we support them to receive one retroactively.

The café of Madame Aridja Tchakonde

Sucess Stories The café of Madame Aridja Tchakonde

Thanks to a microcredit granted by URBIS, Madame Aridja Tchakonde was able to establish a café, which she runs today with five employees.

The boutique of Madame Mouraféra Sallassis

Sucess Stories The boutique of Madame Mouraféra Sallassis

With a microcredit granted by URBIS, Madame Mouraféra Sallassis was able to open a boutique, which she runs with her daughters.

The sheep farm of Rialou Djafarou and Seveya Ourogneni

Sucess Stories The sheep farm of Rialou Djafarou and Seveya Ourogneni

The two men were students on our sustainable farm in Sokodé in 2013/2014. They received a comprehensive training on sustainable farming, management and business administration.

The cultivation of field crops by Mamadou Ouro-Tou

Sucess Stories The cultivation of field crops by Mamadou Ouro-Tou

In 2016, Mamadou Ouro-Tou finished his vocational training at our sustainable farm in Sokodé.



We regularly report about news from our projects and partners.

Tailoring training successfully completed in Togo

As part of Urbis' social sector, we were able to enable six young women from disadvantaged families who have no access to school education to train as dressmakers. The training ended in September 2023 with the final examination.


Chilli harvest in Togo Copyright UFT

URBIS Togo visits agricultural collectives in the Togolese central region

Visiting the co-operatives allowed the URBIS team to see the realities on the ground and select the groups that really meet the URBIS criteria. We are sure that the solar installations will help to overcome production difficulties.


Trained solar electricians recieve their diploma Copyright: UFT

A successful year for the solar sector in Togo

The Urbis Foundation has concluded a cooperation agreement with Windkraft Simonsfeld AG for a period of five years (2023-2027), with the participation of Initiative Eine Welt Braunau, with the aim of strengthening the photovoltaic sector in central Togo. Key milestones of the cooperation are the establishment of a solar training centre in Sokodé, Togo, with a PV demonstration system and support for electricians on their way to becoming self-employed solar installers.