Kinder in Togo

We are happy if you want to
support our work!

Especially in Togo there are many possibilities for meaningful contributions, which will initiate a long-term positive change and make a real difference.

Be a part of it.
Your donation makes a real difference!

Spende für Schulbesuch

With 80 €:

Enable a child to visit a secondary school and buy school books

Spende für Solarlampen

With 100 €:

Bring solar lamps to 5 families

Spende für Studiensemester

With 250 €:

Finance a study semester of our technical scholarship students

Spende für Ausbildung für einen Farmschüler

With 500 €:

Help our farm trainees to build an independent future after their graduation

Spende für zwei Krankenstationen

With 1,000 €:

Supply 2 local hospitals with medication

Spende für eine Solarthermie-Anlage

With 5,000 €:

Install a solar thermal plant on a maternity ward

Contact us for further information

URBIS Foundation bank details:
DE 98 7002 0270 0657 7682 78

Contributions to the URBIS FOUNDATION may be claimed for tax purposes. On 15. February 2017, we were certified by the Munich tax office for corporations (Finanzamt für Körperschaften) as a charitable organisation and assigned the tax number 143/235/80376.

Special donation

We are looking for partners who wish to support our farm trainees in their efforts toward an independent income. Having graduated, many of our former farm trainees do not have the necessary financial means to build pens, wells or buy animals. Therefore, we at URBIS wish to support them with an additional financial “starter package”. We are looking for partners, who wish to assist these young farmers in achieving their independence and a safe income! If you are interested in co-financing this project or wish to learn more about it, we would be very happy to receive a message!

Long-term partnership

Are you interested in a being part of a network or start a partnership with one of our projects? We would be happy to establish a first contact with our local team and to support you in your partnerships (e.g. between kindergartens and schools in Germany and Togo). Please reach out to us, if you are interested or have any questions.