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URBIS in Togo

URBIS FOUNDATION Togo has been registered as a Togolese association since 26 December 2005 and has also been recognised as an international non-governmental organisation under Togolese law since 22 September 2009. URBIS FOUNDATION Togo, headquartered in Sokodé, is financially and organisationally closely linked to the structure of the parent organization URBIS FOUNDATION in Germany. The direction and implementation of the programmes in Togo are planned and coordinated by our regional representative in Togo, Ouronille Adam, together with the heads of the five programme sectors Solar Energy, Agriculture, Health, Education and Social Affairs.

Here you can see a short film about the work of the URBIS FOUNDATION in Sokodé:

The UF-Togo team consists of about 30 long-term permanent employees, who are highly qualified and committed in their particular sector. Regular internal meetings, professional training, local networking and close contact with the parent company in Munich ensure the quality of project implementation. URBIS FOUNDATION Togo realizes the foundation's goals primarily in the central region of Togo, the prefecture of Tchaoudjo.

Team URBIS TogoIt is committed to the development of a photovoltaic infrastructure that makes it possible to use solar energy in the ordinary course of agricultural production (CPIA), in rural health care and in public places (e.g. traffic lights, street lamps).

Solar energy

URBIS FOUNDATION Togo is an important reference address in the region of Tchaoudjo for the application of photovoltaic and solar water heating systems. The Solar Sector of the foundation builds the fundaments for a continuous education and training as well as sensitization of the interested community in questions of solar energy.

Vocational training

In two spacious buildings in Sokodé, URBIS FOUNDATION Togo operates a media library as a school and computer training centre where all interested parties can get an introduction to computer and internet use.

Social affairs

The social commitment of URBIS FOUNDATION in Togo has been developed as a direct response to the urgent need for material equipment in kindergartens, financial support for school attendance of disadvantaged pupils and the funding of women who only need a small initial support in order to start a life for themselves and their families.


The area of the pilot farm stretches over 34 hectares, of which currently approx. 6 hectares are used for the cultivation of vegetables (especially tomatoes, cabbage, okra and peppers), tubers (especially Manioc and Igname) and grains (especially corn and rice).


In the central hospital, Centre Hospitalier Régional (CHR), in Sokodé, there is a permanent shortage of medical consumables, equipment and medicines. In rural health centres, too, the situation is problematic - and here especially for women who visit these centres especially in cases of birth complications.