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Solarthermal Projects in Temeswar and Bakova in Romania

Since 2006, URBIS FOUNDATION has been funding the use of solar thermal energy in social institutions in Romania. URBIS FOUNDATION set up a workshop for the production of solar hot water systems (solar thermal energy) on the youth farm for this purpose. The youth farm Bakova near Timisoara is a Caritas project for homeless young people who are offered work and a perspective for the future. Today, in the workshop, trained employees are able to produce collectors largely independently.

Initially, two of the accommodations for the young people and farm staff were equipped with a total of 12 solar thermal collectors (2007). These collectors were manufactured by the farm staff in workshops on site.

In 2008, 12 additional collectors for a children's home and the night shelter of Caritas in Timisoara were built in the course of a workshop. Every day, up to 80 people find shelter in the night asylum - a converted residential building. They receive a warm dinner and can shower once a week - 15-20 people per day. The solar thermal system of the night asylum was installed in 2009 and comprises 9 collectors, which supply the facility with warm water from mid-March to the end of October without the need to switch on the gas burner.

The solar thermal systems do not only provide social facilities with hot water for showers and heating, they do also contribute to lowering the cost for Caritas to run these facilities. This is very important especially against the backdrop of ever falling government support for social projects in Romania.

Every year, URBIS FOUNDATION supports the production of solar collectors and the corresponding adaptation of heating systems for one or two other facilities. Up to now, collectors have been produced for a day nursery, the hospice in Bakova, a children's home in Nadrag, a women's shelter, the women's monastery and the Salvatorian monastery in Timisoara. By 2015, around 75 collectors had been built and put into operation in more than 10 facilities.

The workshops are conducted under the direction of Lutz Unbekannt by specialists from the Association for Ecological Building in Germany. The visits to Timisoara and Bakova will be combined with the maintenance of the existing facilities and with on-site training of the responsible persons. In addition, our specialists regularly hold training courses for craftsmen interested in solar technology in Timisoara. They work closely with the "German-Romanian Foundation for Education and Training in the Heating, Sanitary, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Sector".