Our main focuses

Founded in 2002, URBIS FOUNDATION is a private foundation for environmental protection and international solidarity that operates development projects in less developed countries, currently mainly in Togo, Tanzania and Romania.

The Foundation's work focuses on the following areas

  • environmental and climate protection,
  • the support of education and vocational training, and
  • improving living conditions in less developed countries.

In the field of environmental and climate protection, the URBIS FOUNDATION has been funding the use and dissemination of solar energy since its foundation. The fields of application of solar technology range from social institutions to health facilities and agriculture. The foundation regards the training of local experts in planning, installation and maintenance as very important.

Education and professional training is the key to successful development in poorer countries. URBIS FOUNDATION therefore funds the work of schools, vocational schools and kindergartens. In addition, education and professional training are priorities in all projects funded by the foundation, e.g. in the fields of solar technology and agriculture. The supported projects thus have a lasting effect. The independent continuation of the projects is made possible.

Improving living conditions in less developed countries is another focus in the work of URBIS FOUNDATION. This includes improving medical care, funding agricultural projects and supporting entrepreneurial initiative, for example through microcredit. In many cases, the Foundation's projects combine solar technology with schooling in agriculture or health.

URBIS FOUNDATION is open to any form of cooperation within the framework of these priorities. We are grateful for any support in our work!